Google + Terms

Terms and conditions for the voting competition on Google+

Google+ is not connected with, in charge of or liable for this draw in any way. This competition is not

sponsored, supported or organized by Google+. The receiver of the provided information is not Google+

but Sanrio GmbH. Sanrio GmbH is the organizer of this competition and thus liable for everything that

occurs in connection with the competition within the borders of the applying local/ European law. Sanrio

GmbH holds Google+ harmless of all claims and damages that might arise in connection with or as

consequence of the competition.

The provided information will solely be used for the evaluation of the competition and internal statistics

of Sanrio GmbH (-and its affiliates).

Any and all queries, comments or claims regarding the draw are to be addressed to Sanrio GmbH:

[email protected] and not to Google+.

Only such participants are allowed to join the draw, who have an account which names the participant

with her or his real name. It is not permitted to join the draw with a phantasy-account or using the

account of a third party. It is prohibited to join the draw with more than one user-account. It is

especially prohibited to create an extra-account to increase the statistic probability to win the draw.

With accepting these terms and conditions, the participant also accepts the terms and conditions of


Sanrio GmbH is authorized to end or block the draw if the terms & conditions of Google+ regarding such

raffles are being changed during the term of the draw in a way that would be non-compliant with the

terms and conditions of this draw.

Google+ will not be held liable by the participant for any and all claims and damages that might occur in

connection with this draw.