Competition Terms – Mr Men Little Miss

Competition Terms

Make sure your parent or guardian has read this important information and you have their full permission before entering this competition (we know you’re not like Little Miss Naughty!)


The rules


You can only send us one drawing each month and can only enter online [by sending us a photo, a scanned in copy (or a different kind of electronic copy) of your drawing (sorry you can’t post us the actual drawings).


We can’t take any blame if your entry is lost, damaged, invalid or illegible and we can’t guarantee that you will be able to access our website all the time (sometimes it might break or we might have to fix problems with it or close it for a time to make it better). We will not be able to return your photo or scanned copy or any other electronic file you send us.


Please note that the competition is not open to the children of employees, agents or sub-contractor of Mister Men Limited.


Winner selection


At the end of each month our judges will pick their favourite drawing.


If you’ve won, we’ll send you an email to let you know at the email address you’ve provided to us. Please get your parent or guardian to read the email as soon as they can and reply to us within one week – if we don’t get a reply within one week, we’ll need to choose another winner. The opening and closing dates for the competitions are at the first day and the last day of each month.


We can’t promise exactly what the prize will be each month, and this might change, because we love surprises as much as you! Sorry we can’t give you money (or sweets) in exchange for the prize.


We reserve the right to seek confirmation from you that you created the drawing, and your entry and right to receive any prize will be voided if you have not drawn the picture entered.


Please note that we ask for confirmation that you have your parent’s or guardian’s consent to enter the competition . If you do not obtain consent from your parent(s) to tick the box we may not be able to enter your picture into the competition.


Please don’t upload or provide a picture of yourself with your drawing.  If you do we will not be able to enter it into the competition or publish it on our website without getting written confirmation from your parent or guardian that they give their consent for us to do this.


What we do with the information you give us


Your wonderful drawing will feature on our website, on the Kids homepage!  Because we love your drawings so much, we will keep all copies of drawings that you send to us on our computers, and you agree that we can use them however we like (this may include posting your drawing to the gallery on our website and our social media pages (including without limitation Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for example)so that other people can admire it!). You will continue to be the owner of your drawing but we will be able to use it as identified in these terms.


The other information you give us (like your name and email address) will only be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please make sure your parent or guardian reads and agrees to this before you send us your drawing.


Please note if you sign up to our mailing list you are agreeing to receive emails from us in the future relating to exciting Mister Men Little Miss news, competitions, new books or other things we think you’ll love. If at any time you want to stop receiving these emails, you can let us know by contacting us here and we will stop. Please make sure your parent or guardian agrees to this before you sign up to the mailing list.


If you win a prize, we are allowed to use your name and age in any announcements about our competition (because we’re proud of you!) and we are also allowed to ask you whether you can feature in any of our adverts or stories on our website. It’s really important to check this is ok with your parent or guardian.


Who we are (Promoter of competition)


We are a company called Mister Men Limited (company number 05098003) and you can contact us at The Grain Store, 3- 4 Units, 70 Weston Street, London SE1 3QH.


Any questions?


If you have any questions or your parent or guardian is worried about anything in these terms, please email us here.